Fred E. Wernette

This article was written because I was feeling lazy about 27 years ago and writing about goiters seemed to be the...


When Life Hands You Lemons...

Maggie Leyes

Hannah’s mother wasn’t the main breadwinner, but not having life insurance still had major financial repercussions for years to come.


2015 Long Term Care Insurance Survey

Claude Thau, Dawn Helwig and Allen Schmitz

Seventeenth Annual LTCI Product Comparison


Making The Case For Lifetime Benefits In LTCI

Marc Glickman

As the distribution of this product feature has dwindeled, the need for lifetime benefits has only grown.



Robert Goldstone, MD

Although better surveillance and control of high blood pressure has led to a decreased incidence of stroke, it remains


Hot Tips For HSAs

Janet LeTourneau

Here’s a “Top Ten” list of reasons why employers and employees should establish Health Savings Accounts...


External Network Threats

Jack Marrion

There is a network of buses spread throughout the city traveling in a network of streets. If a street is under...


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