Value Added Services

Readership Response Enhancements:
  • Advertisements listed by product category in BROKER WORLD's Instant Info Index with phone number, contact name and e-business conduit!
  • Online alphabetical and product index listings at
  • Direct link from our website to yours for the months your advertising appears in BROKER WORLD.
  • Response generated by Reader Service Card is processed same day, enabling contact with respondent at time of optimal interest

Laminated Posters:
BROKER WORLD will help you showcase your advertisement in your office and sales presentations by providing an attractive and durable table-top poster of each new advertisement - FREE! Additional posters can be purchased at a nominal cost.

Use your BROKER WORLD advertisement as a promotional tool throughout the year! BROKER WORLD will provide customized reprints at a very reasonable rate.

Personalized Special Offer Subscription Cards:

Advertiser's name, phone number, and a brief message imprinted on BROKER WORLD reduced price special offer subscription cards - FREE! Include these postage paid cards in regular mailings (commission checks, correspondence, etc.) throughout the year to current agents and/or prospects.

Gift Subscription Program:

An innovative (and inexpensive) way to give a gift that gives back to you. Gift subscriptions (minimum 100) can be purchased at half the regular price. Program includes: acknowledgement letter; 12 issues of BROKER WORLD, each with mailing label identifying the donor; or a one-time special BROKER WORLD cover wrap imprinted with donor information on the beginning gift subscription issue with purchase of 300. Special cover wraps for subsequent issues can be purchased at an additional cost!

Online Exposure:

In 2015 every month that you place a print ad in our magazine your ad will appear on Broker World online. Each digital version will be a replica of the print version, which will include the advertising that appeared in print that month. While it is not possible at this time to apply a dollar value to this added exposure, it should be noted that Broker World website advertising fees will be charged.

Premium Position:

Based on 1-page, 4/color, bleed, 1x2015 rate, the industry standard is 20% of space. The value would be $1107.70.

2015 Bonus Circulation:

These dates are tentative as all meeting dates have not been confirmed.

March: Annual Intercompany LTCI Conference; BRAMCO Annual Meeting; The Marketing Alliance Meeting
June: NAHU Annual Meeting
August: Consolidated Marketing Group Annual Meeting
September: Insurance Designers of America
November: NAILBA Annual Meeting

Depending on which issue you are in, the value is different. Please see specific month.

2015 Special Insert:

July: 17th Annual LTCI Survey
Placement within insert section constitutes special position.

Meeting Coverage:

Coverage at meetings or special events.

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