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James R. (Jim) Hollon

James R. (Jim) Hollon was born July 5, 1924, in Headland, AL. He gained his work ethic working on the farm for his father at a very early age with long days and hot humid summers. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII. After his military duty he graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Management.

He joined the insurance industry as an agent for Liberty National Life, later promoted to management for 23 of his 28 years. In 1981, he became a Certified Financial Planner and in 1998 a Financial Investment Coach helping people and an Alabama foundation and testamentary trust become diversified in their investments using the Modern Portfolio Theory. His work has meant that the foundation hasn’t had to have a fundraiser of any kind or add to the corpus to increase the funds for gifting to nearly eight percent per year and raised the monthly income for the beneficiary of the trust by 27 percent.

Hollon champions the importance of owning all of the market asset classes, good or bad, to become as diversified as possible, and staying invested for the long run so you can profit when the market comes back with a vengeance after a correction.

He likes to say to people he meets, “Hello, I’m Jim Hollon, I wasn’t expecting to get to meet you today.” He has written many articles during his career, authored a book, and at 96 still drives his vehicle.

Hollon is eager to teach what he has learned over the past 20 years to other foundations. He can be reached by telephone at 205-919-8661 or 205-492-7916. Email: jamesrhollon@hotmail.com.