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WN2 Enrollment Solutions Offers Turnkey Enrollment Service To Underserved Markets

Last year, Washington National Insurance Company introduced a new enrollment division—WN2 Enrollment Solutions—which handles enrollments for over 25,000 payroll groups, ranging anywhere from three lives to 5,000+ lives. While we service a wide network of worksite clients, our primary focus is to fulfill an untapped and underserved market—small to mid-size worksite groups. We’ve found that traditional enrollment firms don’t heavily support these groups perhaps due to challenges in getting a robust, ongoing face-to-face solution in place. Do not run wild this enrollment season. Let WN2 Enrollment Solutions guide you, no matter the group size, location or working conditions.

Aside from the market, we know that benefits brokers are struggling with common pain points associated with selling voluntary benefits. Eastbridge Consulting Group’s May 2019 report Brokers and Voluntary Benefits—Optimism Amidst Change confirms that 42 percent of brokers need more assurances regarding administrative and billing capabilities, and nearly one in three brokers express they need more knowledge about carriers and offerings. The same percentage (29 percent) of brokers run into bandwidth issues, citing they need more time to sell.

Between broker pain points and market gaps, this has created the perfect storm for WN2 Enrollment Solutions to enter the market and not only be an important resource for brokers, but help them grow their voluntary business, drive revenue and truly educate employees on voluntary benefits. After all, we do what we do to support the end-user, so while WN2 Enrollment Solutions utilizes technology where suitable, consider us old school in our approach. One in three employers with less than 1,000 employees prefer one-on-one meetings with professional enrollers, according to Eastbridge Consulting Group’s May 2019 report A Closer Look at Employer Demographics in the Voluntary/Worksite Market. So that’s what we do—we sit down with employees face-to-face to make sure they understand their benefit options so they’re confident in their choice.

So what’s the non-traditional competitive edge?
Our WN2 Enrollment Solutions model is comparable to T-Mobile—think about how they’ve defined their brand as the “Un-carrier” among mobile carriers. They provide a quality experience by focusing on their customer first, then solving their challenges. Customers pay for the phone, but as far as service plans, T-Mobile offers increased flexibility with no contracts, no data limits and no surprise charges.

WN2 Enrollment Solutions has reinvented enrollments with similar values. Benefits brokers can use our services for small to large groups, one-off cases or for a portfolio management solution. And if at any time brokers need to make a change, there are no fixed fees, contracts or costs related to stipends, travel expenses and so on. Essentially in this analogy, our enrollment team becomes the “device,” and an enrollment cost is only involved when we write business.

Here are WN2 Enrollment Solutions key differentiators:
1) Less restrictive, more inclusive
Flexible. We help brokers succeed regardless of the group size or complexity. Challenging working conditions don’t restrict our agents—it’s actually their sweet spot.

2) High-quality customer service
Adaptable. Broker solutions include sales, quoting and enrollment. Like mentioned before, WN2 Enrollment Solutions career agents emphasize employee education, tailoring options to employees’ needs based on lifestyle, age and goals. Unfortunately, one-third of employees say their employer or benefits company doesn’t offer benefits education or advice, so we seek to change that. We have capabilities to manage broker’s single or multi-case enrollments, or create a full block-of-business reservice solution.

Consistent. We have 1,000+ career agents across the U.S. trained to consistently deliver high-quality support and keep the employee experience personable, no matter the location. Compared to other brands like McDonald’s for example, when you travel internationally and grab a Big Mac there, you’re going to get the same product as you would anywhere across the world. You already know what to expect because the brand is consistent no matter where you’re at. The same concept applies to WN2 Enrollment Solutions, as we meet this rare standard of consistent customer service we all desire, but don’t always experience.
Loyalty protection. When utilizing our WN2 Enrollment Solutions service, group partnerships with brokers are protected as we don’t allow other insurance brokers to sell Washington National products into participating groups.1

3) Invaluable resources
Products. With highly saturated voluntary benefit offerings, brokers don’t have to be product specialists and know it all. Save time researching products and let our career agents do the work for you. We can enroll other carrier products, or brokers can choose from our in-demand supplemental health and life portfolio, including products featuring our popular return-of-premium options. WN2 Enrollment Solutions’ agents specialize in the individual product segment of the worksite space, which helps with retention and portability. This also ensures no other broker can interfere and replace the benefits.

Administration. The majority of employers say the main reason they don’t offer voluntary benefits is the “administrative burden.” With WN2 Enrollment Solutions, we implement communication strategies based off our employee surveys in order to identify how employees use current benefits, what’s driving costs and uncover any gaps. We have an administration platform available if online enrollment is needed, which can enroll multiple carriers. Additionally, we can create custom websites for a single access point for enrollments.

4) Win-win compensation
Share. Even though we step in and provide the solutions for your customers, let’s not forget how you benefit. We help brokers earn more, and grow their business faster with our industry-leading compensation sharing options, particularly on non-proprietary products. Remember, there are no administrative or service costs to using our WN2 Enrollment Solutions service.

Referral rewards. Once a broker uses our service, they can refer other brokers and receive a significant bonus for each new referral that signs at least one application.2

Let’s be honest. In this day and age customer service is lacking. Usually when we come across a service provider that takes time to engage with us, ask questions and deliver on their promise, it can be scarce. WN2 Enrollment Solutions priority lies in taking a hands-on personable approach in working with small to mid-size groups so their employees can feel confident in not only their health care coverage, but where their hard-earned money is going.

At the end of the day, our goal is to work on behalf of the broker to provide high-quality support you need, and exceptional service your clients expect and deserve. Let WN2 Enrollment Solutions help you simplify your group enrollment process. [MM]

1. Loyalty protection is defined as not allowing other insurance brokers to sell Washington National products into participating groups.
2. Washington National retains the right to extend, terminate or modify the terms of this incentive program at any time. We also reserve the right to limit eligibility in this program.

WN2 Enrollment Solutions is a division of Washington National Insurance Company, home office: Carmel, Indiana. Policies and benefits are subject to state availability.

As vice president of sales for Washington National Insurance Company, Michael Milos leads strategic growth and business development initiatives for WN2 Enrollment Solutions (WNES.info), a division of Washington National. WN2 Enrollment Solutions is a service that partners career agents with benefits brokers to provide an easy solution for offering voluntary benefits to clients. The service delivers personal, effective, face-to-face enrollment solutions to broker clients—regardless of the group size or complexity—and even a benefits platform that eases benefits administration with the capability of custom website creation, single access point for enrollment, plan documents and so on.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the financial services and healthcare industry, Milos’ scope of work includes a combination of both domestic and global benefits sales leadership roles in the US and Canada, along with the development and execution of extensive business development and territory expansion initiatives throughout North America. He has been involved with the sales, enrollment and growth management of individual, true group, and voluntary/supplemental insurance programs throughout his entire career—inclusive of life, disability, core medical and dental, and supplemental life & health benefit offerings.

Milos can be reached by email at michael.milos@wnes.info.