Broker Words—March 2021

Gary and Lin Dworkin

Our Memories Of Carole Howard By Gary and Lin Dworkin

Like sands of the hourglass, the days of our lives sift away into time. We have all said this many times but with the passing of Carole Howard it really did! The Co-Founder of Broker World magazine passed away peacefully and comfortable in her own home on February 12.

With her goes a different attitude toward both living and working. She strove to have her career, family and be the best possible friend. While, at the same time, she supported the arts and charitable organizations everywhere. She was of the generation that tried and succeeded in having it all because no one told her she couldn’t and even if they did she wouldn’t have believed them.

Hope and Steve Howard with Carole Howard

When Bill and Gary met, the Howards were enjoying great success with their trade magazine, Mid-America Insurance, circulated in 12 midwestern states. Then, while Bill and Gary were visiting after a NALU meeting in St. Louis, Bill scribbled the idea for his new magazine, not yet named, on a napkin. In 1979, from their emerging friendship, Bill and Gary were sure the girls would get along, and the Howards came up to NH for dinner and we all met. Well they were right! In many ways Carole was Lin’s mentor. She learned so much from Carole about the insurance business and life in general. Carole and Broker World were there for every important part of our lives until we retired in 2013. it just doesn’t seem possible that those 34 years flew by so quickly.

We began writing articles for Broker World, starting with the very first issue, and continuing in many many subsequent issues until our retirement. We had a truly great business relationship with Bill and Carole but we also were, far more, great friends! We traveled together to every company trip that we could and, of course, every single NAILBA conference and meeting. We always stayed a few extra days to decompress with them after the official trips were over.

In addition, over the many years, we traveled together and saw each other as frequently as we could in Barrington, Kansas City, Carmel and Ashland. Anywhere that we could get together to grab a quick dinner and a drink to just catch up.

Among the many memories, we once tried to get them in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. But Bill refused, so the best we could do was join them at sunrise on the rim of the canyon. It was so cold…and we forgot coffee. Carole was really not feeling it that morning and wanted coffee. She ended up seeing some stranger’s coffee and threatening to push them over if they didn’t sell it to her… Well, she got it. And we never got the helicopter ride, we went to the IMAX instead.

Then there was Carole’s birthday trip to London. The boys kept the plans a very deep secret and had, apparently, a great amount of fun planning every detail over several months. When we got off the plane in Heathrow there were Bill and Carole meeting us at the gate! We spent the next week having a ball staying together in an apartment, touring London and seeing every event and show possible. Just a wonderful time!

Carole was truly one of a kind and was Bill’s partner for many years as they built a wonderful life together. In their early years together Bill and Carole would go on TSD road rallies in their little sports car, with Bill driving and Carole being his navigator. They, in fact, continued in those roles together throughout their lifetime.

After Bill’s passing Carole, who was the CFO, became the full CEO of the magazine and maintained its success and their shared vision until Steve bought the business in 2005.
There were so many good times. Carole was one of a kind. She loved Steve and Hope, Bill, good wine, good friends, travel, and life on her terms. She said what she thought and meant what she said. You always knew where you stood with her and how much she loved you. She had old fashioned integrity which she held onto in business and personal life and she will be missed by all of us that loved and knew her well.[G&LD]