National Rates

2023 National Rates

1 page 2940 3265 3525 3775 4015
2/3 page 2465 2735 2965 31753375
1/2 page 20202255245026352815
1/3 page 14351580170518301940
1/4 page11351270136514651555
1/6 page81590599010551110

Increased Frequency Rates

1 page 27152660
2/3 page 22752230
1/2 page18651830

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Color Rates (price per color, per page):

  • 4-Color Process $1,100
  • Bleed:10% additional, space and color.

Commission: Agency commission of 15% to recognized advertising agencies providing compatible digital material if paid within 30 days of first billing. After 30 days all unpaid accounts billed at gross rat plus service charge of 1.5% per month on unpaid balance. Schedules not completed will be rebilled at earned rate.

Production Charges: Charges will be made for providing finished art and/or revisions to furnished material. These charges are not commissionable.

To Order Space Or For More Information Contact: Rita Reeves or Steve Howard

Issue/Closing Dates

Space Rervations: Third of month preceeding month of issue. Space reservations cannot be cancelled after closing date. Publisher reserves right to bill for space ordered and will repeat ad of same size if available.

Material Deadline: Tenth of month preceding month of issue.

Issue Date: Published monthly, in circulation first week of month of issue.