Editorial Calendar

Every issue of Broker World contains columns by industry experts on five key product areas: Life/Underwriting, Annuities, Health & Benefits, Disability Income, Long Term Care. In addition to Focus editorial, every issue contains General Interest articles detailing timely product and marketing topics.

Monthly Commentary by Industry Experts:

  • David J. Murphy, CLU, ChFC, FLMI (Purpose-Driven Professionals…)
  • Charlie Gipple, CLU, ChFC (The Practice Management Minute…)
  • Robert Goldstone, MD, FACE, FLMI (Impaired Risk Review…)
  • Janet LeTourneau, ACFCI (The Benefits Brief…)
  • Eugene Cohen & Michael Cohen (Disability Insurance Insights…)
  • Ken Leibow, Michael Bridges & Ron Alexander (Tech-Tock…)
  • Jack Marrion (Economic Behavior…)
  • Ronald R. Hagelman, Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP (The Last Word On LTCI…)
  • Art Jetter, CLU CFP® RHU REBC FLMI LTCP (NAILBA Charitable Foundation…)

January 2019—Carrier Forecasting Forum
Topics: Direction of the industry across all product lines—Life insurance, annuities, DI, CI, LTCI, health insurance; Marketing, product, service, tech and legislative outlook.
Market Update: Insurance Women Panel
Space Reservation Close: 12/5/18 Material Due: 12/12/18

February 2019—Accumulation Strategies/Retirement And Estate Planning
Topics: Annuity and life insurance solutions; 401(k); Combination products/living benefits.
Market Update: Life BGA Panel—Product, service and tech opportunities.
Bonus Circulation: Wholesaler Marketing Group Winter Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 1/4/19 Material Due: 1/11/19

March 2019—Asset Protection/Income Replacement/Living Benefits
Topics: Disability, long term care, critical illness product solutions; Life and annuity strategies; Living benefits.
Market Update: LTCI Round Table—Stand-alone and asset-based solutions.
Bonus Circulation: ILTCI Annual; Wholesaler Marketing Group Winter Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 2/5/19 Material Due: 2/12/19

April 2019—Business And Professional Planning/Helping High Net Worth
Topics: Life, health, annuity, DI, CI, LTCI, 401(k) and ancillary benefit solutions for professionals and employers; Benefits to attract and retain top talent; Compensation, succession and continuation options; Reaching the middle market.
Market Update: DI Awareness Month (May) Planning Panel
Bonus Circulation: Wholesaler Marketing Group Spring Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 3/5/19 Material Due: 3/12/19

May 2019—Boomers, Gen X And Millennials/Multicultural Marketing
Topics: Diverse life, annuity, disability and long term care concerns and solutions; Lifetime income, living benefits and supplemental products to mitigate costs of aging and extended retirement; Generational marketing and communication musts.
Market Update: Marketing/Study Group Overview: Enhancing BGA service to producers.
Bonus Circulation: Wholesaler Marketing Group Spring Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 4/5/19 Material Due: 4/12/19

June 2019—Workplace And Middle Market Opportunities/Sales To Executives
Topics: Health options—HSA, FSA and self-funding; Ancillary products; 401(k); Key person; DI and LTCI; International coverage; Increasing coverage for middle market and executives.
Market Update: Fixed Annuity Marketing Analysis
Bonus Circulation: Wholesaler Marketing Group Spring Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 5/6/19 Material Due: 5/13/19

July 2019—Life Insurance/21st Annual LTCI Survey
Topics: VUL, IUL, and whole life; Living benefit riders to expand versatility; Term insurance configurations; High net worth customers and business applications.
Market Update: Asset-based Long Term Care.
Special Insert: 21st Annual LTCI Product Comparison Survey
Bonus Circulation: Industry’s most comprehensive LTCI product survey is a year-round reference.
Space Reservation Close: 6/5/19 Material Due: 6/12/19

August 2019—Brokerage Product Opportunities
Topics: Meeting unique life, annuity, long term care and disability needs; Partnering with professionals; Ethnic market challenges; Middle market efficiencies; Special needs planning; International travel and foreign national markets.
Market Update: Voluntary/Worksite, including the Analysis of 2018 Worksite LTCI.
Special Feature: Preparing for LIAM (September).
Space Reservation Close: 7/5/19 Material Due: 7/12/19

September 2019—Indexed And Equity Products
Topics: VUL, IUL and indexed annuities; Life and annuity suitability and client service necessities; Whole life for diversification; Living benefit riders/combination products to expand versatility. Retirement and estate building.
Market Update: Annuity Round Table
Bonus Circulation: Wholesaler Marketing Group Fall Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 8/6/19 Material Due: 8/12/19

October 2019—Agency Best Practices/Life, DI and LTCI
Topics: Agency growth; Adapting to change/adopting technology; Succession planning and mentoring; Life, DI and LTCI product needs; Partnering with professionals and niche specialists.
Market Update: DI Forum
Bonus Circulation: International DI Society Annual; Wholesaler Group Fall Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 9/5/19 Material Due: 9/12/19

November 2019—Impaired Risk And Financial Underwriting
Topics: Case management insights; Life, annuity, disability and long term care tips for the tough cases; High net worth/large case placement and reinsurance solutions.
Market Update: Multi-Generation Agencies—Adapting to change in product, service and tech.
Bonus Circulation: NAILBA Annual; Wholesaler Group Fall Meetings.
Space Reservation Close: 9/30/19 Material Due: 10/7/19

December 2019—Retirement, Estate And Legacy Planning
Topics: Life and annuity solutions; Trust work; Special needs planning; Blended family needs; Lifetime income and living benefits; LTCI, DI, CI options to preserve an estate plan.
Market Update: Marketing To Millennials.
Space Reservation Close: 11/5/19 Material Due: 11/12/19

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