Editorial Calendar

Every issue contains insightful columns from well-established industry experts on Life, Annuities, Disability, Long Term Care, Sales Techniques, Benefits and Technology. In addition to Focus editorial, every issue contains General Interest articles detailing timely product and marketing topics.

Monthly Commentary by Industry Experts:

  • David J. Murphy, CLU, ChFC, FLMI (Purpose-Driven Professionals…)
  • Charlie Gipple, CLU, ChFC (The Practice Management Minute…)
  • Eugene Cohen & Michael Cohen (Disability Insurance Insights…)
  • Ken Leibow (Tech-Tock…)
  • Ronald R. Hagelman, Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP (The Last Word On LTCI…)

January—Carrier And Marketing Group Forecasting Forum
Topics: Carrier and distribution partner plans for serving the brokerage industry across all product lines—Life insurance, annuities, DI, CI, LTCI, health insurance; Marketing, product, service, underwriting and tech advancements to better serve agents and consumers.
Space Reservation Close: 12/5/22 Material Due: 12/12/22

February—Life And Annuity Strategies/Protection, Retirement And Estate Planning
Topics: Life and annuity solutions; 401(k); Combo products/living benefits; Income for life; Asset-based protection.
Space Reservation Close: 1/3/23 Material Due: 1/10/23

March—Asset-Based Protection/Life And Annuity Income Planning/Living Benefits
Topics: Asset-based LTC; Disability, long term care, critical illness product solutions; Life and annuity strategies; Estate preservation planning.
Space Reservation Close: 2/3/23 Material Due: 2/10/23

April—Business And Professional Planning/High Net Worth/Middle Market Reach
Topics: Life, health, annuity, DI, CI, LTCI and ancillary benefits; Buy/Sell solutions; Benefits for top talent; Group and individual sales strategies; Maximizing profitability in the middle market.
Space Reservation Close: 3/3/23 Material Due: 3/10/23

May—Boomers, Gen X And Millennials/Generational Life Insurance Sales
Topics: Diverse life, annuity, disability and long term care concerns and solutions; Lifetime income, living benefits and supplemental products to mitigate costs of aging and extended retirement; Generational marketing and communication musts.
Market Update: Marketing group advantages for BGAs and service to producers.
Space Reservation Close: 4/3/23 Material Due: 4/10/23

June—Expanding Life And Benefits Sales/Key Person And Employee Solutions
Topics: Health options—HSA, FSA and self-funding; Ancillary products; Key person life sales; International coverage; Increasing life, disability and long term care protection for middle market families.
Space Reservation Close: 5/3/23 Material Due: 5/10/23

July—Life Insurance/25th Annual LTCI Survey
Topics: VUL, IUL, and whole life; Living benefit riders to expand versatility; Asset-based long term care protection; Building on initial term insurance sales; High net worth customers; Business applications.
Special feature: 25th Annual LTCI Product Comparison Survey
Bonus Circulation: Industry’s most comprehensive LTCI product survey is a year-round reference.
Space Reservation Close: 6/5/23 Material Due: 6/12/23

August—Brokerage Opportunities/Working With BGAs/Tech And Service Innovation
Topics: Meeting life, annuity, long term care and disability needs; Expanding product portfolios and client reach; Advantages of working with a BGA; Partnering with professionals; Middle market efficiencies; Special needs planning; International travel and foreign national markets; Maximizing marketing for LIAM (September).
Space Reservation Close: 7/5/23 Material Due: 7/11/23

September—Indexed And Equity Products/Whole Life Utility
Topics: VUL, IUL and indexed annuities; Life and annuity suitability and client service; Whole life for diversification; Living benefit riders and asset-based protection planning; Retirement income and estate building.
Space Reservation Close: 8/4/23 Material Due: 8/10/23

October—Life Agency Best Practices
Topics: Advantages of working with a BGA; Life product, tech and service enhancement; Addressing disability and long term care needs; Partnering with professionals and niche product specialists; Agency growth; Adapting to change/adopting technology; Succession planning and mentoring; Policy review as both service and opportunity; Service to the industry.
Space Reservation Close: 9/4/23 Material Due: 9/11/23

November—Advances In Underwriting/Life Insurance Strategies
Topics: Case management insights; Tips for the tough life and disability cases; High net worth/large case placement and reinsurance solutions; Impaired risk; How tech is helping; Adapting to change in product, service and tech; Managing client expectations.
Bonus Circulation: NAILBA Annual Conference.
Space Reservation Close: 10/3/23 Material Due: 10/10/23

December—Life And Annuities For Retirement, Estate And Legacy Planning
Topics: Life and annuity solutions; Special needs planning; Blended family needs; Lifetime income and living benefits; LTCI, DI, CI options to preserve an estate plan; Working with younger generations.
Space Reservation Close: 11/3/23 Material Due: 11/10/23

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