New Website Addresses Women’s Special LTC Needs

    New Website Addresses
    Women’s Special LTC Needs

    LTC Financial Partners has teamed with eWomenNetwork to provide free long term care information. Women have special long term care needs—but not just because they often come down with longer-lasting illnesses and disabilities. When there’s no long term care insurance for a couple or family members, women typically end up as the default, unpaid caregivers. “Lack of LTC insurance not only hurts women when they themselves need care,” says Denise Gott, chairman of the board of LTC Financial Partners LLC (LTCFP). “More often, it hurts them when they have to drop everything to care for another uninsured loved one.”

    The problem is that most women don’t know this or fail to think seriously about it, Gott asserts. To address this issue LTCFP has teamed up with the eWomenNetwork to drive the message home.

    A special eWomenNetwork/LTCFP website, linked to the eWomenNetwork home site, has been set up at It provides free information from a number of U.S. agencies and authoritative private organizations.

    According to studies summarized on the site:
    • 80 percent of working caregivers reported emotional strain.
    • 50 percent reported financial strain.
    • 40 percent missed work on a regular basis due to the health needs of an elderly loved one.
    • 41 percent of women interviewed who had been caregivers had been forced to quit their jobs or take a leave of absence.
    • 37 percent said they cut back their working hours and gave up space in their own homes to accommodate loved ones needing care.

    The site also gives information on the financial, physical and  lifestyle impact on women who are not working, and offers guidelines on:
    • Whether long term care insurance is appropriate for a woman’s specific circumstances.
    • Options for securing affordable LTC insurance when appropriate.
    • Multiple-policy options, with cost and other benefits, for women who run businesses.

    The site also includes a video presentation by Gott; and visitors may download a free special report, “Women and Long Term Care—A Decade of Reports.” It’s available from a link at the bottom of a scrolling field on the “Facts” page.

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