A Fairy Tale For True Believers

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom had not suffered any cataclysmic globalized wars or complete failure of its financial institutions for many years. This does not mean there were not close calls. This benevolent circumstance had allowed science, wealth accumulation and the overall quality of life to flourish. These privileged generations had evolved to become the most prosperous, innovative, creative proponents of maximizing freedom of will while demonstrating a boundless enthusiasm for democratic progress and accepting personal responsibility for the world and the people around them.
But like all fanciful stories the ultimate possibility for a complete happy ending remained just out of reach. There was a Flaw that persisted and festered in the dark corners of far too many hearts. The saddest component of the predicament was that they knew the truth that held them back but chose to ignore, obfuscate, diminish and outright deny the existence of a simple immutable truth: The march of time and the commensurate inevitable aging process cannot be forgotten, misplaced or altered. They knew that the beginning of life’s stages and the end both require some level of assistance, support, amelioration and please Lord some meaningful quality of loving care. Somewhere, somehow a dark and malevolent magic had befallen the population, the Flaw became a prowling uncontrolled risk haunting the meaning and value of anything that could be defined as a “happy ending.”
What makes this story so sad is that this precarious situation and looming threat had also been constantly under attack by a small band of caring patriots trying valiantly to establish the financial reserves necessary to prevent the virtually inevitable catastrophe waiting for the majority of the citizens of the realm. There remained a hard core cadre of care planning operatives working diligently to establish a responsive level of financial reserves to guarantee quality of care. The Flaw was insidious, clever and it seemed invincible, The harder they tried to soften the impending blow, the stronger and more resistant the inevitability of a pending financial and emotional disaster gathered strength—apparently just out of view. And then when it was clear that the potential for a very unhappy ending was on full display, a new enemy swept across all the borders. A Virus invaded their lives. It struck most viciously at those most vulnerable. The Angel of Death hovered over far too many homes and the Flaw stood exposed. It became impossible to not understand except, of course, for the most severely obtuse.
This new and virulent threat had penetrated the Flaw’s magical armor. Reality could not be ignored. The Flaw simply had no clothes.
A new future began to spread across the land:
A personal connection to a need for enhanced and personal care became a rapidly unavoidable truth.
It became clear that you did not need to vanquish the Flaw just manage its effect.
No one would forget that quality of care under personal control could ever again not be a planning option.
As the illness swirled around them “Staying at Home” became a necessity; the virus had installed a collective cultural memory that could never again be ignored.
The cognitive resonance necessary to take action and plan ahead moved to front and center.
As with all fairy tales hope, love and faith became again a reflection of the new truth that freedom of choice and personal control of the need for care could never again be overshadowed by the blinding ignorance of the Flaw.
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Ronald R. Hagelman, CLTC, CSA, LTCP, has been a teacher, cattle rancher, agent, brokerage general agent, corporate consultant and home office executive. As a consultant he has created numerous individual and group insurance products.

A nationally recognized motivational speaker, Hagelman has served on the LIMRA, Society of Actuaries, and ILTCI committees. He is past president of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance and continues to work with LTCI company advisory boards. He remains a contributing “friend” of the SOA LTCI Section Council and the SOA Future of LTCI committee. Hagelman and his partner Barry J. Fisher are principles of Ice Floe Consulting, providing consulting services for Chronic Illness/LTC product development and brokerage distribution strategies.

Hagelman can be reached at Ice Floe Consulting, 156 N. Solms Rd., New Braunfels, TX 78132 Telephone: 830-620-4066. Email: ron@icefloeconsulting.com.