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In response to fundamental changes in the insurance industry that are driven primarily by rapidly advancing information technology, BRAMCO Financial has partnered with Vive Solutions, LLC to re-launch Vive—a groundbreaking multi-carrier end-to-end term insurance platform. Vive offers a unified platform for quoting, product selection, direct order submission, tele-app, and automatic requirement fulfillment all the way through to policy delivery.

“The application process for term life products is onerous and clunky, not to mention costly—both in time and resources,” stated BRAMCO CEO Michael Hefferon. “Vive leverages direct carrier connections, driving paperless transactions and accelerated underwriting (AU) decisions, while raising advisor awareness of consumer value. Offering a technology-based workflow, Vive allows the insurance carrier to manage requirement procurement directly with the proposed insured, creating a streamlined application process for both the advisor and the client.”

Through Vive, advisors have the ability to access multiple quotes from partner carriers, initiate the tele-application process, obtain an AU decision, and, if necessary, initiate requirement procurement. In addition, the revolutionary Vive Score allows agents to evaluate products based upon the carrier’s financial ratings, conversion privileges, product features, and ability to offer AU—where the carrier offers accelerated underwriting with no exam, blood or physician statements required.

“Vive offers agents a direct, two-way connection to the industry’s top term carriers—it’s a big step beyond what used to be called “drop ticket.” Orders are submitted instantly and case status is received back directly. Agents can quote, compare, select and submit an order for term life insurance in just five minutes,” stated BSMG Principal and Vive Partner Jason Lea. “After a tele-interview with the client, carriers will make accelerated underwriting decisions in as little as 24 hours. It is a complete end-to-end term insurance solution for growing term insurance profitably.”

Vive is currently partnered with Legal & General, PacLife, Principal, Protective and Prudential and is available to financial services professionals exclusively through BRAMCO Financial Brokerage General Agency partners.

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