Broker Words—October 2022

Heartfelt congratulations to some of the best friends Broker World and the Howards have ever had and could possibly ever have asked for—the Petersen family and Petersen International Underwriters. It is my distinct pleasure and honor to relay that Petersen International Underwriters is proud to announce the celebration of its 40th anniversary as a Coverholder at Lloyd’s of London.

More than 60 years ago founder W. Harold Petersen began a long journey of discovery into the world of disability insurance. Fueled by the personal experience of growing-up with a disabled father, Harold’s affinity to the DI market was instant when he became employed by Mutual of Omaha as a young man.

Harold spent years learning and teaching about disability insurance throughout the Midwest. Eventually, he and his family landed in California where he and his sons developed what is today Petersen International Underwriters.

Evolving from an independent retail brokerage into a full-service wholesale insurance business, the Petersens kept finding that many of the high-income-earning entertainers, attorneys and executives of California were unable to find sufficient levels of disability income insurance. They searched the U.S. and international insurance markets and eventually found the perfect solution at Lloyd’s of London, the centuries-old institution.

A formal introduction was made that blossomed into a successful partnership with the Lloyd’s insurance market that continues to flourish to this day. Four decades ago, Petersen International was granted the title of Coverholder, giving them the “power of the pen” to underwrite and bind insurance on behalf of the underwriting syndicates at Lloyd’s. Petersen International is the largest personal accident Coverholder at Lloyd’s in the United States.

To this day, Petersen International’s goals remain what they were those 60 years ago—to spread the word about the incredible importance of disability insurance so that every working American is financially protected in case of becoming sick or injured and unable to earn a living. Petersen International continues to adhere to Harold Petersen’s ideals by providing disability insurance to those who aren’t able to successfully attain sufficient DI coverage through the traditional U.S. market.

Petersen International looks forward to another 40 years as a member of Lloyd’s distinguished family. For more info about Petersen International Underwriters, visit

It was my great pleasure to meet Harold and Jacquie Petersen more than 30 years ago at a National Association of Health Underwriters meeting. From the very beginning they were incredibly welcoming and appreciative of the magazine’s efforts and Harold was a great educator and mentor of mine in developing an understanding and appreciation of disability income insurance and its critical role in protecting the financial lives of families when a disability strikes. Today I’m proud to call Harold, Jacquie, Tom and yes, even Mark, Petersen as dear dear friends. Congratulations Petersens, and Petersen International Underwriters, on 60 plus years of great service to the industry and the customers it serves and for this special milestone of 40 years as a Lloyd’s Coverholder! [SPH]