Hexure, a provider of sales and regulatory automation solutions for the life and annuity industry, announced the addition of annuity products to its quoting solution. Annuity quoting with side-by-side comparisons within Hexure’s platform makes finding the right product easier and faster, improving advisor productivity and client satisfaction.

“We are excited to expand our quoting capabilities to enable our clients and their advisors to quickly and easily run quotes for various lines of business and product types from a single platform,” said Kevin Pohmer, chief product officer for Hexure. “By adding annuity quoting to the Hexure platform, advisors no longer need to jump from one system to another to quote and submit life and annuity business. Now from one platform, advisors can quickly quote and compare products and then seamlessly flow into the e-application process for a streamlined, connected and accelerated sales experience.”

Hexure’s comparative quoting solution allows advisors to quickly compare product rates, fees, as well as a host of product and carrier details. With the expansion to include annuities, advisors can now access and filter annuity products based on product type or features and generate proposals to help clients make informed and confident buying decisions.

“Disjointed sales tools and fragmented sales data are a significant hindrance within our industry. In today’s digital landscape, advisors require sales tools that simplify their workflow and provide the necessary capabilities for efficient and effective business operations,” said Pohmer. “At Hexure, we are focused on continually expanding and refining our solutions. The enhancement to our quoting solutions is just one step in our commitment this year to empower our clients and their sales force with connected and streamlined sales processes and data, ultimately ensuring a superior experience for advisors and clients and operational efficiencies.”

The Hexure quoting solution can be accessed through Hexure’s FireLight platform or embedded into any third-party web application, website, or proprietary sales solution where sales need to happen.

Founded in 1995, Hexure provides digital sales solutions to the insurance and financial services industry across various lines of life insurance, annuities, retirement, and wealth management products. Carriers and distributors use its solutions to build customer-centric sales experiences, accelerate submissions, reduce paper processes, meet regulatory requirements, and improve in-good-order sales.

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