Mutual of Omaha


Employees enrolled in Mutual of Omaha’s Employee Assistance Program now have two ways to request EAP services. In addition to a 1-800 number, employees now have access to an Online Service Request Form on the EAP website to request services.

Once an employee submits a request for services, an EAP professional will respond in a timely manner. That means employees can spend less time worrying about the challenges in their lives and continue to be the productive workers that their employers know and trust.

For over 25 years, Mutual of Omaha’s in-house EAP has been staffed by licensed, master’s level counselors. Our exclusive provider network and personalized provider matching allow us to quickly get the help customers need. With increased mental health awareness, Employee Assistance Programs continue to grow in popularity and demand. Mutual of Omaha is continuously exploring additional resources for employers who want to help their employees personally and professionally.

“At Mutual of Omaha, we are continually working to improve our customers’ experience by listening to understand their needs,” said Kurtis Stewart, senior vice president of Underwriting, Workplace Solutions at Mutual of Omaha. “With the new ways to reach our EAP team, we’re responding to those needs with improvements that will make getting the help an employee needs simple and convenient.”

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