The National Association of Insurance Marketers (NAIM) was founded in 1990 as a national network of brokerage insurance agencies.

The Board of Directors recently voted to focus on expanding current production to become the premier network in employee benefits, including partial self-funding–level funding group medical, as well as group life, dental, short term disability, long term disability and voluntary products.

The group medical partial self-funding—level funding market is grossly under served by insurance agents, general agents as well as master general agents due to a lack of training, knowledge and understanding. The employer can save 20-30 percent on their premiums as well as getting back a portion of their premiums—unlike the fully insured market. The continued increase in pricing in the fully insured market at time of new enrollment, as well as renewal time, is the reason all new and renewal groups should be shown level funded plan options. Why lose a case to a trained insurance person in this market?

The Board has already secured a number of Super Managing General Agent contracts above regular General Agent (GA) and Managing General Agent (MGA), and others are being considered and will be announced soon.

Why would any MGA, GA agency or individual agent consider joining NAIM?

  • Agencies keep their total independence, and their downline is protected.
  • NAIM is well established in the marketplace.
  • A new level commission profit center for your agency.
  • Three-way calls to help you present the case with the company person, your customer and you on the call.
  • Your agency is no longer out in the marketplace alone having to meet production requirements.
  • Training of your staff and downline producers is provided, depending on their level of expertise, at no cost to you. This market is not that complicated to understand.
  • NAIM has access to the entire insurance agents marketing list at minimal cost to you compared to purchasing it yourself.
  • Providing immediate access to existing products and contracts in place.
  • Members bring their insurance company contacts to NAIM to negotiate higher contract commissions for all members.
  • Pooling of commissions provides immediate bonuses by carrier, based on minimal membership level.
  • Provides networking with peers and insurance company officers on conference calls and meetings.
  • Everyone will be considered for membership.

For more information contact Rick Stolz, CLU, Ch.FC, RHU, LUTCF, NAIM Chairman by phone at 800-561-1827. Email: Web:

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