Retaining A Positive Attitude

This country is in a dour mood in my opinion. This dour mood is due to a number of causes, and it can easily affect us all, dampening the positive attitude that sellers of insurance products need to convey. Some of us are good actors and can overcome our frustrations, but others are more serious about their concerns and cannot avoid revealing this in their presentations.

We’ve become a nation of complainers in my opinion. This is especially true when we talk about politics. Politicians now highlight shortcomings of the other party. Starting fights over alleged issues seems to work better for their chances for election than asking voters to credit them for their own achievements. The effects of these fights on our psyches are real.

There are so many things we should be grateful for. How have we gotten into such a rut?

If one looks on the negative side of life in the U.S. right now, there are plenty of problematic issues. Here’s my top ten, by no means a complete list:

  • President Trump tried to retain power and threatened our democracy;
  • Republicans vs Democrats is splitting the country in and out of Congress;
  • Putin is a major threat to our world order;
  • Russia’s Ukraine invasion could continue for many months;
  • We are not doing enough to control climate change;
  • Inflation is eating into our standard of living;
  • Our race relations are still terrible;
  • Income inequality is huge and increasing;
  • COVID may be with us permanently;
  • Thousands of Americans are needlessly shot and killed.

There’s a great deal to worry about. We often talk about these issues with our relatives and friends, revealing our emotions and concerns. We can now chatter about the world’s problems on Facebook and Twitter. We view horrific scenes on TV of war in Ukraine and starvation and floods in Africa. Newspapers, magazines and social media highlight these issues and keep them before our minds. Technology has made us closer to the world’s problems than we have ever been, and we can witness horrific events.

But before these issues cause you sleepless nights, you should look at the issues that you can feel really good about: Here’s my top ten, by no means a complete list:

  • We live in the U.S., the greatest country in the world;
  • We have freedom of speech and can advocate for our views;
  • We can do with our lives as we choose;
  • We have the richest and most robust economy in the world;
  • Two great oceans insulate us from wars;
  • Our climate is generally temperate, and in some places nearly perfect;
  • We can receive joy from the love of our families;
  • Our country practices the rule of law;
  • We have freedom of religion;
  • We can eradicate almost all disease and increase our life expectancy.

With all of these wonderful things in our lives, why have we become so negative in our outlook? Our media should be rewarded as much by making us feel good as by making us feel bad. If you’re feeling burdened by the world’s problems, depress your concerns and lift yourself up with things that make you feel good.

Get uplifted by listening to a beautiful symphony or a terrific rock concert. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and get some healthy exercise. Get with your family and friends and relax in their company. Plan to travel to a place which will stimulate you and make you feel good. Receive uplift from your religion and keep in front of mind all the wonderful advantages that God has given you.

Then go out and share your joy with others. Plan to utilize your talent to make life better for others. Show the happiness which you have in presenting great insurance products which will protect policyholders and grow their assets. Become an ambassador of the many positive things that make our lives worth living.

The bottom line is that the issues we can feel really good about dwarf the problematic issues. We’re lucky as hell, and our mood should be upbeat and positive, not dour.

Louis is Chairman of California Long-Term Care Insurance Services, Inc., located in Burlingame, CA. California Long-Term Care is the largest independent specialist long term care insurance agency in California, and is broker for a group of high-producing long term care specialist agents.

Brownstone is also past chairman of the National LTC Network, an association of some twenty-five brokerages nationwide which together place about ten percent of all long term care insurance premium. This production makes the Network the nation’s largest independent distributors of long term care insurance.

He is also very active in the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), the largest and oldest group of its kind in the insurance industry. One of his goals is to revive the California Partnership for Long-Term Care in order to insure more Californians and save the State of California billions of dollars in future Medi-Cal expense.

Brownstone is a native San Franciscan and fourth generation Californian. After graduating from Andover and Stanford, he became an executive in a retail menswear apparel business, Grodins of California. He entered the insurance industry in 1989 and became a long term care insurance specialist in 1991. Louis founded California Long- Term Care Insurance Services in 1997.

Brownstone may be reached by telephone at 650-692-5202. Email: