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Leonard Renier, founder of the Wealth & Wisdom Institute, recognizes the importance of Education, Discovery and Understanding. He has been involved in the financial services industry for over 30 years and has served on the advisory committee at Wayne State University School of Business and School of Finance. Renier spoke at the Federal Reserve of Chicago Money Smart Week for two years and his discussion received the board’s highest honors. He has authored seven books which reached the Publishers Best Sellers List. His discussions with political and financial leaders across the country have brought new insight and need for education and financial clarity. Renier believes, “Knowledge is something you learn; Wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge to your everyday life.”©

Over the past several years Renier has trained thousands of financial professionals. His software, research and personal communication training delivers the discussions and information needed to make better decisions in today’s economy. Wealth & Wisdom Institute is the bridge between understanding the challenge and achieving financial goals.

Renier can be reached by phone at 734.261.9320. Email: len@wealthandwisdominc.com.