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Charlie Gipple, owner of CG Financial Group and long-time industry expert on annuities, life insurance, long term care planning, presentation skills, and sales strategies has announced the launch of “The Retirement Academy” on April 5th, 2021. The Retirement Academy is an online training platform for agents, registered reps and broker dealers that is very video-heavy and ranges from remarkably simple product explanations and sales strategies to more technical matters like carrier product hedging and tax strategies.

The 250 training videos and 70 expert-level articles that are a part of the training curriculum are divided among six different “Modules,” from Module 1 (Practice Management) through Module 6 (The Academians’s Blog). Drip email training is also employed for members of the Retirement Academy to enhance the comprehension and retention of the material taught.

Gipple cited the huge opportunities that exist for annuity producers to become fluent in life and long term care planning, and for life and long term care producers to become fluent in annuities. He also cited the huge opportunities that broker dealers would have by plugging their registered reps into an education platform when it comes to insurance. It would also lead to more compliant insurance business. Gipple stated that The Retirement Academy harnesses all the above opportunities in addition to homing in on practice management and “virtualizing” the practices of the financial professionals.

“By year-end, the content will likely double from where it will be at launch on April 5th. However, it is not about quantity, it is ultimately about quality. You can’t find this kind of material in a brochure,” says Gipple. “The three product lines of annuities, life, and long term care hybrid products are exactly what many consumers need today. However, the products have never been more complicated to understand from the standpoint of an agent, rep, or broker dealer. The Retirement Academy is groundbreaking because it demystifies these products in a simple manner, which instills confidence and understanding. Furthermore, financial professionals need to know the language and ideas to use with these products, which the academy also addresses.”

CG Financial Group and The Retirement Academy will operate as stand-alone entities. For more information, visit

After spending 20-years in various executive roles in the insurance industry, Charlie Gipple founded CG Financial Group in 2019. CG Financial Group has quickly become a well-known brand in the insurance industry among financial professionals. As a full-service Independent Marketing Organization (IMO), CG Financial Group helps financial professionals throughout the entire process, from prospecting all the way through to ensuring the financial professional gets paid. CG Financial Group is unique in its training strategies and in helping agents, reps, and broker dealers become fluent in annuities, life insurance, and long term care planning solutions.