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Do not miss this opportunity! A National Advisor Survey “What Is The New Normal In Long Term Care Planning?” is being launched on a grand scale this month. This agent/advisor-focused sales analysis is designed specifically to help reveal the mysteries of the structure and motivations of buying behavior from those who make the sales happen.

The survey is sponsored by Oliver Wyman actuarial consulting and Ice Floe Consulting, The project is being advised and supported by NAILBA, NAIFA, numerous traditional and combo carriers and key distribution friends. This is a follow up to an agent focused survey on which I assisted on a consulting basis: The Producer’s Perspective On Long Term Care Insurance conducted in 2004 with support from LIMRA, SOA and Broker World. Results were published here in May, 2004. Hindsight tells us this was at the peak of stand-alone LTCI sales and the answers from those working successfully on the front line of consumer engagement helped identify pathways to increasing sales.

Our ask is clear, straightforward and totally awesome! Take 10 minutes of your busy schedules, answer the survey (even if you do not participate actively in long term care planning). Please contribute your personal strictly confidential insights into “Who is selling What? To Whom? Why? And How?” In return we will forward the complete research results from the largest survey of it’s kind to help you increase your own sales success.

Help Us Help You.
Here is your opportunity to better understand and improve your approach and own your own in-depth actionable intelligence.

Wouldn’t you like to know the unvarnished truth across the entire advisor landscape?

  • How advisor demographics have changed?
  • The difference between what consumers say are their predispositions to buy and why they subsequently rationalize their purchase?
  • What is the weighted motivational hierarchy of the decision to buy?
  • What is the clearest path to final product choice?
  • How do sales conversations best develop?
  • What is the perceived impact of marketplace trends like social media, online applications and COVID 19?
  • How does long term care planning best integrate with overall financial planning?
  • How has perceived confusion in combo terminology and the abundance of different product options influenced prospective sales?
  • What is the best way to increase training related to improved sales results?
  • What is the best process to identify the most compatible product choice?
  • Which benefit features actually contribute to sales success?

This is frankly a critical perspective and unfortunately one that in my opinion has received inadequate attention. Much work has been done at the consumer level, specifically identifying what could best be described as a blue sky “wish list” for a potential buying decision. As has been suggested frequently in this column this data may be influenced by classic adverse selection. They knew what they wanted because they knew what to expect from their own personal experience. These prospective choices are not wrong but they may be jaded. Then we have asked those who chose to purchase what was the raison d’etre of that decision. The answer has always rebounded that it was because they made a wise financial decision. That is cognitive dissonance on a plate. With your help we can illuminate what actually transpired. We can perhaps reveal buyer motivations as experienced by those who took the applications. The truth was always somewhere in the middle.

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Otherwise none of us will have an informed opinion on the subject.

Ronald R. Hagelman, CLTC, CSA, LTCP, has been a teacher, cattle rancher, agent, brokerage general agent, corporate consultant and home office executive. As a consultant he has created numerous individual and group insurance products.

A nationally recognized motivational speaker, Hagelman has served on the LIMRA, Society of Actuaries, and ILTCI committees. He is past president of the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance and continues to work with LTCI company advisory boards. He remains a contributing “friend” of the SOA LTCI Section Council and the SOA Future of LTCI committee. Hagelman and his partner Barry J. Fisher are principles of Ice Floe Consulting, providing consulting services for Chronic Illness/LTC product development and brokerage distribution strategies.

Hagelman can be reached at Ice Floe Consulting, 156 N. Solms Rd., New Braunfels, TX 78132 Telephone: 830-620-4066. Email: