As a Finseca Community, the NAILBA Board of Advisors governs the brokerage community. Over the past year, a number of advisors have had their terms expire but extended their volunteer efforts to ensure smooth transition with the NAILBA Finseca merger.

In February-March 2023, there was a call for nominations to serve on the NAILBA Board of Advisors. The following new additions have been approved by the Executive Committee and the NAILBA community to serve on the NAILBA Board of Advisors for a two (2) year term: Diana Greenberg, Total Financial, CA, (LIBRA); Angie Hughes, Producers XL, AZ, (LIBRA); Lorrie Gibbons, KAFL Insurance Resources, NY, (AIMCOR); Darius Bakhtiar, Capitol Metro, MD, (Tellus); Chad Druvenga, CBS Brokerage, MN, (Tellus).

The NAILBA Board of Advisors Executive Committee remains: Victoria Van Dusen-Roos, chair, Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc., Minneapolis, MN; James Wong, chair elect, Partners Advantage Irvine, CA; Debbie Hannam, treasurer, Brokers Clearing House, LTD, West Des Moines, IA; John Gilbert, past chair, The National Benefit Corp., West Des Moines, IA. Directors who continue to serve on the NAILBA Board of Advisors are: Jim Duff, Crump Life Insurance Services, Harrisburg, PA; Jason Grover, Ash Brokerage, Ft. Wayne, IN; and Luke Ramsey, The ASA Group, Little Rock, AR.

NAILBA thanks all members of the Board of Advisors for their service to NAILBA, and welcome the new additions to leadership.

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